Blue Sails Psychology have long experience of working with professionals involved in the support and care of traumatised children and their families.

We understand the complexity of this work and the impact it can have on all of us, both personally and professionally. We have experience in working with complex networks; local authority and private services; residential settings; and also within the family court.

We offer a range of services that can help you in the direct support of families you work with, as well as in the development of your own skills.


At Blue Sails Psychology we offer specialist consultation to individual professionals, teams and organisations. These consultations are usually focussed on understanding a particular family, difficulty, or set of relationships, and may often include parents and carers too, where appropriate.

Psychological consultations may be offered on a ‘one off’ basis, or form part of a package of support. Consultation can offer an opportunity to make sense of a situation in the context of a child’s early history; develop or consolidate skills needed to support traumatised children and their families; and support adults to manage their own difficult feelings.

Sessions can also provide support and containment to the network, as well as ideas and guidance for further interventions. For teams, such as those working in residential settings, consultation can be essential in maintaining consistency, understanding and in particular an empathic and nurturing approach. All of our consultation work draws on the DDP model (Dyadic Developmental Practice) and the attitude of PACE which comes with that.


Blue Sails Psychology provides clinical supervision to a range of professionals, both individually and in small groups. We draw on a number of models, but specialise in DDP supervision, for those wishing to develop their understanding of the DDP model and begin to use some of the ideas of the model in their own practice. Such supervision is usually sought after attending training in DDP (see below).

DDP supervision can also support those seeking to become DDP Practitioners through completing the practicum. Emma is able to take supervises through this process, which is well documented on the DDP Network website for those interested in finding out more.

I always feel ‘lighter’ after supervision with Emma. She offers honest and thoughtful feedback that I can use and learn from – and that’s invaluable to me.


Blue Sails Psychology offers a range of training packages in the areas of child trauma and attachment; mental health; adoption and fostering; and self-injury; as well as specialist trainings in PACE and DDP.

The carers really enjoyed the day and particularly liked the fact that you put the information across in an easy to understand way that was free from jargon. Other comments I heard were how easy to listen to and down to earth you were and how much you really understand the task that they have and just how challenging that can be at times. It really makes a difference when carers feel understood and find training helpful! Thank You!

Supervising Social Worker, following one day training to foster carers

As a certified DDP Trainer, Dr Emma Greatbatch delivers both DDP Level One and Level Two trainings in this approach and travels widely to do so. If you are interested in training for your organisation, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Thank you so much. This has one of the best trainings I have been on. It’s left me wanting to know more. I find it fascinating and really think it will change my practice for the better.

From an attendee on DDP Level One training


At Blue Sails we offer a range of therapeutic interventions specific to attachment and early trauma. We predominantly offer DDP, but are also able to offer other approaches where required.

We accept referrals for therapy mainly through social workers and work is usually funded by the Adoption Support Fund or by Local Authorities.

Please be aware that capacity to provide therapeutic work is limited, due to supervision and training commitments. However, where we are not able to help we will always try to make suggestions and recommendations for other clinicians locally.


Specialist psychological assessments

We are able to offer a range of assessments, particularly useful in helping to understand a child’s presentation and behaviour where there has been early trauma and loss. Specific recommendations around therapeutic intervention; support to schools; adaptations at home; and support to parents are always made.

I am extremely grateful for your report and the additional information.

We are determined to support [student] and the many other students with similar issues. Thank you for your clarity. We have a clear road to follow. Many, many thanks.

From a SENCO following an assessment of an adopted child

Expert Opinion work

Blue Sails Psychology also provides psychological assessment of children and parents for the family courts. Dr Emma Greatbatch has been providing such assessments for many years and has experience in writing clear reports and giving evidence on these in court where required. Such assessment is provided within Legal Aid recommended fee limits.

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